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With the Cirque de Soleil show Saltimbanco they have been on tour all over the world, performing in the Tigerpalast and the most prestigious varieties in Europe: The twins Julia and Ele Janke from the Wetterau are among the best performers of their discipline. As duo Elja the Hessinen present a wonderful air play of the feelings on the trapeze. It is almost impossible to distinguish among the identical twin sisters who is a catcher and who is an aviator.


The 30-year-olds were trained at the State School for Artistry in Berlin. In Montreal, the Mecca for artists, they have refined their technique with Viktor Fomine and rehearsed a choreography that oscillates between fast, daring hand and foot changes and slow harmonic movements.


Many media have already reported about the duo Elja. The special thing about the former Waldorf pupils is, in addition to their similarity and professionalism, that they discovered the trapeze only at the age of 18 and have since been working on their own success in their own marketing in order to be able to live their dream. The duo Elja is bookable for single gala evenings as well as for longer periods.

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