Our Show


With Cirque de Soleil (Saltimbanco), Duo Elja toured all over the world, now performing at Tigerpalast and some of the most prestigious cabaret and variete shows in Europe. Identical twin sisters Julia and Ele Janke from Frankfurt are amongst the best performers of their discipline presenting a wonderful aerial game of emotions at the trapeze.

Trained at Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin, the duo further refined their technique in Montreal under Viktor Fomine. Their choreography oscillates between fast hand and foot changes and slow harmonic movements.

Ele and Julia only discovered the trapeze at the age of 18 and have since been working hard to achieve living the dream of being artists and mothers (both have two children). Ele also works as a personal trainer, Julia studies Psychology.

Aerial Silk

Aerial silks or tissue are the perfect addition to an event or show combing breathtaking drops with beautiful elegance and flexibility. Silks can be performed as a one off act of as ambient sets. A stunning centrepiece for an event, show, festival or product launch. Duo Elja is happy to create bespoke choreography and costume to fit your brief. Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Technical Requirements


We require an open area of ​​min. 4 x 4 meters under the trapeze and the organizer has to make sure that suspension points are easily accessible (ladder or similar must be available). Please download PDF for full technical requirements.



For safety reasons, we have to have a mat placed under the trapeze during our performance. We can provide our own or may need the organizer to provide us with one pending on location and setup of the event. In addition, we require 1-2 stage hands to assist with set up and during show act.



A lighting system must be present, which illuminates the entire space around the trapeze. At best, from the very top to the very bottom and about a radius of 4 x 4 meters. The colors should be white-yellowish-reddish. A light test with a technician is necessary before the performance.



A sound system for playing CDs or MP3 must be provided, as well as a technician to turn on/off music.

Dressing Room


The organizer is required to provide a dressing room and backstage space for warm up for before and during the performance and setup.

Technical requirements